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Breeding Philosophy


Glenavon Angus Stud is now approaching its 38th Annual on property Bull Sale.

For more than 50 years our initial aims, philosophies and breeding objectives have never really changed as we have always endeavoured to breed large framed, soft, fertile, easy doing cattle, that will calve easily and thrive under commercial conditions.

Initially, for the first 20 years we aimed to set a type, breeding our own replacement bulls, for our large herd of self-replacing Angus cattle, then selling any surplus bulls privately.



This caused some conflict as time went on as our clients always wanted the first pick of these sale bulls. So when our stud numbers increased it enabled us to have an on property auction sale in 1984.

Before the days of TransTasman Angus Cattle Evaluation (TACE) previously known as Group Breedplan we purchased many “prize winning show bulls” over the years, with mixed results. As it became obvious that the best Feeder won the prize and many of these bulls did not breed on.

We have always run our stud under commercial paddock conditions and we prefer to try and purchase out cross genetics from other on property sales run under similar conditions


Since the development of TACE, we A.I over 300 Cows each year in a continued effort to improve our genetics. This allows us access to the ‘best’ genetics available, allowing us to pick a ‘type’ that suits our programme and we then use these AI sons extensively.

Our aim is to produce feeder steers for the Japanese B3 market that will have the growth and potential to grow out for the EU market. The EU Angus feeder steer market has always offered a premium.


We have always kept to, and keep going back to the basics, being very conscious of phenotype as well as genotype. There are not any EBVs for structure, allowing conformation to be overlooked by many, in the pursuit of other EBV’s.

We feel that there should be an EBV for Longevity which is highly correlated to structure. This EBV could indicate the expected lifetime of a bull which could produce an extra 60-70 calves, therefore increasing a much higher return on your capital outlay.

Our aim is, and always has been to produce, sound, productive, easy care cattle that are bred for cattle men.

Sale Information

• 38th Annual Bull Sale, Monday 1st August, 1pm
• 110 Angus Bulls
• 100 EU Angus Commercial Heifers
• Interfaced with AuctionsPlus
• Smoked BBQ Lunch Provided
• Open Day – Saturday 30th July 10am – 1pm

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